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Robert Beatty Bust 36 Pounds on Kissimmee

ATHENS, Ala. –  Robert Beatty won the American Bass Anglers Open Series Florida Central tournament, held February 24th on the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes.

Running out of Camp Mack in Lake Wales, FL the Clermont, FL angler caught five bass weighing 36.41 pounds including a 9.03-pound kicker. For the Boater Division victory, Beatty took home a check for $6000.

“I started off the morning on Grassy Island, throwing a spinnerbait and I caught the first of my big fish. After the wind picked up, I went to my spot in North Cove and started pitching grass with a Gambler Baits ¾ oz jig with a “Why Not” trailer. I caught the rest of my bigger fish over 7-pounds between 12:00pm to 1:00pm. I was culling 5-pounders. I want to thank my sponsors, Ranger Boats, Yamaha motors, TH-Marine, Toho Marine, and Abu Garcia reels.”   Beatty said.  

In second for the boaters, Christian Greico of Tampa, FL landed a five-bass tournament limit going 34.09 pounds with an 8.43-pound kicker. He collected $1760 for the effort.

“I caught my fish throwing a big worm through the hydrilla. I had one little patch of hydrilla where I caught my three bigger fish out of within 15 minutes of each other. I was just crawling it through the hydrilla.”  Greico said. 

Kenneth “Newt” Norris of Kissimmee, FL took third for the boaters with five bass going 29.86 pounds with a 9.25-pound kicker. He earned $1170 for his catch.

“I was dead-sticking a Senko in the Lilly pads around and island.”  Norris said.

The largest bass of the tournament for the boaters was caught by Eric Fisher of Ocoee, FL that weighed 10.71 pounds. Fisher pocketed a check for $980 for his catch.

“I caught that fish dragging a 5” Senko through anything sparse around noon. I figured that pattern out Friday when I was pre-fishing. “Fisher said.

Finishing fourth, Marlon Crowder of Tampa, FL landed a five-bass limit for 29.32 pounds. John Adkinson of Winter Haven, FL rounded out the top five boaters with five bass at 29.11 pounds topped by a 7.67-pound kicker.


Top 20 Boaters
Place Name/Profile Fish Big Bass Total Points
Robert Beatty 5 9.03 36.41 250
2 Christian Greico 5 8.43 34.09 249
3 Kenneth Newt Norris 5 9.25 29.36 248
4 Marlon Crowder 5 8.63 29.32 247
5 John W. Adkinson 5 7.67 29.11 246
6 Trevor Fitzgerald 5 0.00 26.44 245
7 Jeremy D. Smith 5 9.37 25.51 244
8 Bruce A. Bozman 5 0.00 25.42 243
9 Neil Davis 5 0.00 24.40 242
10 Bobby Wooten 5 9.08 24.23 241
11 Clint Sterling 5 9.26 23.05 240
12 Warren M. Forsythe 5 8.25 23.04 239
13 Danny Inabnett 5 8.09 22.67 238
14 John L. Stahl 5 10.09 22.66 237
15 Ron Yentz 5 0.00 22.41 236
16 Ernest John C. Riddling 5 0.00 21.87 235
17 Bob J. Grosso 5 8.91 21.73 234
18 Tim A. Burton 5 0.00 21.64 233
19 Donald Tripoli 5 10.15 21.62 232
20 Eric Fisher 5 10.71 20.10 231


In the Co-Angler Division, Billy Brokaw of Winter Haven, FL won with three bass going 16.96 pounds including a 7.53-pound kicker. He pocketed a check for $2400 for his win.

“I was fishing a point on Kissimmee dragging a big speed worm. The fishing was good until noon. I’ve been fishing the ABA for three years and this is my first-time fishing Lake Kissimmee. Usually I have boaters that stay on Lake Toho, so I’m glad I was able to fish Kissimmee.”  Brokaw said.  

Taking second for the co-anglers, Danney Hulett of Lakeland, FL brought in a three-bass division limit weighing 16.20 pounds with a 7.34-pound kicker. He collected $800 for the effort. 

“I caught my fish casting worms around pads and I lost a big fish that would’ve helped me win.” Hulett said. “ 

Jeremy Whitmer of Thonotosassa, FL placed third among the co-anglers with three bass going 16.18 pounds. He earned $550 for his catch.

“I was fishing a Senko in the pads and a Gambler Big EZ over hydrilla. I lost some big fish that would’ve helped me a lot. “Whitmer said. 

The largest bass of the tournament for the co-anglers was caught by Tomas Gomez of Kissimmee, FL that weighed 8.64 pounds. Gomez pocketed a check for $420 for his catch.

“I caught that big bass around 8:15am in North Cove. My boater was still rigging his rods and I threw out a Bitters Bait speed worm fishing it slow over the hydrilla and pads.” Gomez said.

In fourth place among the co-anglers, Bob Lauffer of Clermont, FL brought in three bass for 15.75 pounds. Tomas Gomez of Kissimmee, FL finished in fifth place with three bass at 15.54 pounds.


Top 20 Co-Anglers
Place Name/Profile Fish Big Bass Total Points
Billy A. Brokaw 3 7.53 16.96 250
2 Danney H. Hulett 3 7.34 16.20 249
3 Jeremy Whitmer 3 7.82 16.18 248
4 Bob Lauffer 3 7.54 15.75 247
5 Tomas Gomez 3 8.64 15.54 246
6 Adrian Echols 3 0.00 14.98 245
7 Jesus Buck A. Gutierrez 3 0.00 14.46 244
8 Harvey Buddy H. Turner 3 0.00 14.06 243
9 George A. Morneau 3 0.00 13.51 242
10 Larry W. Maring 3 6.80 12.45 241
11 Eric Y. Andrews 3 0.00 11.40 240
12 Robert Bob P. Kosanke Jr 3 0.00 10.97 239
13 Kevin Reddog R. Hanson 3 0.00 10.89 238
14 Richard Tortora 3 0.00 10.76 237
15 Jarrod H. Stroud 3 0.00 10.54 236
16 Brandon Prophitt 3 0.00 10.34 235
17 Chris M. Heltemes 3 0.00 10.01 234
18 Jim Topmiller 3 0.00 9.99 233
19 Irving Mercado 3 0.00 9.83 232
20 Jose Gallardo 3 0.00 9.73 231

Slated for March 17th, the next tournament will be held on the Harris Chain out of Hickory Point Recreational Facility in Tavares, FL. At the end of the season, the best anglers from across the nation advance the 2019 Ray Scott Championship to be held at Lake Eufaula in Eufaula Alabama.

For more information on this tournament, call Billy Benedetti, tournament manager, at 256-230-5632 or ABA at 256-232-0406. On line, see www.abaopenseries.com .

About American Bass Anglers: American Bass Anglers is committed to providing low cost, close to home tournaments for the weekend angler and at the same time offer each competitor an upward path for individual angler progression. For more information about American Bass Anglers, the ABA Open Series, the American Fishing Tour or the American Couples Series, visit www.americanbassanglers.com.

American Bass Anglers, Inc. is supported by Triton Boats, Mercury Outboards, Hydrowave, T-H Marine, Abu Garcia, Berkley, Livingston Lures, Best Western Hotels, Garmin, Maui Jim, Power Pole, Optima Batteries and GEICO.  American Bass Anglers, Inc. can be contacted at (256) 232-0406 or visit AmericanBassAnglers.com.



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