What is the Open Series?

Welcome to the Open Series 2018 Season. We look forward to seeing you on the tournament trail for some exciting fishing and tournament action. This Angler’s Guide is to assist you with information you will need as you compete on the tour.

Entry Fees remain the same: 

  • Qualifying Events: Boater $200, Co-Angler $100
  • Area Championships: Boater $300, Co-Angler $150
  • Ray Scott Championship - No Entry Fee

The Open Series offers the best payout ever in a series of this format. Payouts are the largest in weekend angler tournament history!

  • $5,000 1st place Boater guaranteed regardless of the number of entries

The first place payout increases based on the number of boaters and co-anglers

Example Payouts Divisional

  • 1- 50 Boats - $5,000
  • 100 Boats - $6,000
  • 150 Boats - $8,500
  • 200 Boats - $11,000

If you add contingency awards, first place can pay up to $20,000 which is a record for the weekend angler at a $200 entry fee!

Area Championships:

$10,000 1st Place Boater Payout regardless of the number of entries
The first place payout increases based on the number of boaters and co-anglers

Example Area Championship Payouts

  • 1- 50 Boats - $10,000
  • 100 Boats - $10,800
  • 150 Boats - $15,500
  • 200 Boats - $20,000

What is the Open Series?

It is a Boater/Co-Angler series. This format pairs boaters and co-anglers together to fish from the same boat however, boaters are not competing with their co-angler partners. Boaters compete against boaters and co-anglers compete against the other co-anglers in the tournament. Boaters and Co-Anglers pay different entry fees and the boaters are competing for the prize money created for the boaters and co-anglers for the prize money created for the co-anglers.

Divisions: Open Series will have 18 divisions of the Open Series. Each of these divisions will hold 4 one-day qualifying events. Each with a $5,000 first place guaranteed payout for boaters.

At the end of each divisional season the anglers from each division will be invited to compete in a local Area Championship.

Area Championships: Two divisions will make up an Area. An example of an Area would be Kentucky Division and Central Tennessee Division. (See Schedule)

All anglers from each division who fish 3 events within their home division or 4 events in combination of divisions within their area will be invited to the Area Championship.

Each of the 9 Area Championships will have a $10,000 for boaters first place guaranteed payout.

Each division will advance anglers to the Ray Scott Championship.

  • The top ten (10) Boaters and top ten (10) Co-Anglers from each division by points after the Area Championship will advance.
  • The top five (5) Boaters and top five (5) Co-Anglers at the Area Championship by place of finish, who do not advance by divisional points, will also advance.

Divisional points are awarded to each angler who competes in events within a division including the Area Championship. Anglers of the year for each division receive their entry fees ($1,100 for boaters and $550 for co-anglers) for the 2019 season, an automatic berth into the Ray Scott Championship plus the ABA Diamond Elite Membership status in the ABA Buyer’s Club. Total points accumulated from one day events within a division plus Area championship determines the Divisional angler of the year.

Area Championships will be held on a lake that both division compete on, a neutral lake, or in some cases the location will be flipped between the two divisions within an area annually. The location will be chosen to level the playing field as much as possible for the anglers while reducing travel for the anglers.

All anglers that fish a minimum of three events within a division or four events in combination of two area divisions will automatically advance to an Area Championship.

Area Division 1 Division 2 Area Championship
1 Alabama North Mississippi   Pickwick
2 Kentucky Tennessee Central Kentucky Lake
3 Georgia South Alabama Lake Eufaula
4 North Carolina South Carolina Lake Norman
5 Florida Central Florida South Kissimmee Chain
6 Texas Southeast Texas South Toledo Bend
7 Texas Central Oklahoma Texoma
8 Maryland Virginia Kerr Lake
9 New York Ohio Chautauqua

Linking - Linking will be allowed for Co-Anglers. Co-Anglers may link with a boater which guarantees the Co-Angler will have a slot in the event.

Ray Scott Championship - The Ray Scott Championship will be held in spring of 2019 (Site to be announced).

Package Registration - A package registration is when anglers sign up for all 5 events within a division. Boaters and Co-Anglers submitting a package registration will be given priority slots in events over anglers signing up for single events. Those submitting a package registration will be guaranteed priority slots.

Fish Care - ABA only recommends the use of T-H Marine’s G-Juice for live well treatment.

Order of Priority of Boater/Co-Angler Assignments
• Package Pre-Registrations
• All Others by date and time of registration

Package Registration: Is registering for all events within a division. Provides guaranteed priority status.

Freedom Pass: Allows those who cannot attend the onsite registration meeting prior to an event to send a representative in their place. ($25 annually)

To compete in the Open Series:
- You must be a current member of American Bass Anglers
- To join the ABA, call (256) 232-0406 or visit www.ABAOpenSeries.com