$5,000 Guaranteed Minimum First Place at Every Divisional Tournament
One-Day Divisional Events - Guaranteed $5,000 First Place
Top 10 Boaters/Co-Anglers by Points After Area Championship Advance to the Ray Scott Championship
Dates Lake
Launch Ramp/Results Register
3/17/2018 Lake Conroe Lakeview Marina
5/19/2018 Lake Conroe Lakeview Marina
6/23/2018 Lake Conroe Lakeview Marina
8/25/2018 Lake Conroe Lakeview Marina
Two-Day Area Championship - Guaranteed $10,000 First Place
Top 5 Boater/Co-Anglers by Place of Finish That Do Not Advance By Points Advance to the Ray Scott Championship
Toledo Bend Cypress Bend Park

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Division News

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2018 Rules
Entry Fees:
Division: $200 Boater/$100 Co-Anglers
Area Championship: $300 Boater/$150 Co-Anglers
Ray Scott Cup - No Entry Fee

Divisional News